Use of a Lean Specification

BAiO scenario 939

This scenario describes the maintenance of chemical, physical, safety, and other data for substances with the help of a data provider. The amount of data that you have to maintain can be reduced if a third-party provider maintains the basic information and creates the relevant MSDS. 
The data comes back to you in the form of load files and compliant MSDS in PDF, which can be used in the EHS Management report information system. The data can be fully integrated in the automatic report shipping process. 


Key Process Steps

  • Import of some basic substance data
  • Import of MSDS or SOP in pdf format
  • Shipping of MSDS to customers in pdf format

We linked a Vendor MSDS as a pdf document to a Lean Specification. The specification was filled with only the header data and the data for Chapter 14 of the MSDS. In this way the Dangerous Goods infomation was used to enrich standard BW cubes in the logistics area.

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